Alignment Wellness located in Destin, FL provides holistic and natural healthcare services for the entire family. We specialize in natural medicine, functional medicineand holistic nutrition and also offers services of chiropractic care, cranial therapy, and myofascial release. We have a comprehensive understanding of how body and mind work together to impact the health of the body. Treating the natural biochemistry and structure and function of the body we educate you and facilitate optimal health and function of your entire body, holistically.

Online / Phone Functional Medicine Consultations

We offer long-distance consultation which allows you to discuss your health condition with us, receive laboratory testing in your area or at home, and discuss results and treatment strategies. We are able to effectively communicate and support you on your healing journey no matter where you physically live.
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We offer a gifted initial consultation for you to determine if functional medicine is the next step for you.

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Natural Wellness for Women & Children

We can help you discover the source of your pain or dysfunction. We can asses dysfunction in the pelvis and organs and create a natural treatment plan to bring back balance and naturally support root causes of pelvic, urinary, sexual and reproductive organ pain and dysfunction and to monitor and prevent discomfort and symptoms.
to protect your child’s immune system and ensure optimal growth and development through natural medicines. Childhood is the time for prevention to start. If your child is already experiencing symptoms, their body is communicating something is not optimal. By supporting children’s gastrointestinal microbiome, immune systems, and nutrient deficiencies, you are assuring them a freedom of optimal health for their future. At any age, chiropractic can optimize the expression of the body’s intelligence and self-healing capacities of you or your children. For pregnancy to improve your body’s alignment, specifically balancing the pelvis and spine, so your baby can move into the best position for optimal growth and ease of delivery. After birth, pediatricchiropractic can minimize the impact that delivery can have on your baby’s nervous system and spine.

Chiropractic, Cranial Therapy, and Myofascial Release

Reduce pain, improve function, and increase physical performance in everything you do – from hiking and mountain biking, to daily responsibilities at home and work. Chiropractic care and myofascial release frees the body of any restrictions in order for the body to express its optimal health and function. Natural sports medicine offers non-invasive therapies to heal and repair the body without the use of drugs and surgery.

Functional Medicine, Laboratory Analysis & Diagnosis, and Holistic Nutrition

We are natural internal medicine doctors and practitioners specializing in functional and natural medicine. Our focus is on each individual’s unique physical and biochemical expression. We create a treatment utilizing nutrition, natural therapies, plant medicines, and lifestyle guidance to support your unique biochemistry and physical body, creating balance and activating the body’s self-healing and health restoration capacities. Utilizing a comprehensive intake, examination, and laboratory testing, our team creates a treatment to restore natural function and remove interference to optimal function.

DOT Physical & Drug Testing

If you are an employer, needing ongoing DOT medical exams for your employees, Alignment Wellness is here to provide you with convenient, thorough DOT medical exams for all of your employees. We are committed to getting your drivers on the road quickly and safely. 
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