Experience optimalhealth and vitality through natural medicine.

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Experience optimal
health and vitality through natural medicine.

Dr Tara Zeller provides holistic healthcare services for the entire family. Dr. Tara Zeller specializes in natural internal medicine as well as chiropractic care and soft tissue therapies, such as Myofasical Release. Dr Zeller has a comprehensive understanding of how body and mind work together to impact the health of the body.

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Natural Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine Natural Internal Medicine and Functional Medicine — Dr Tara Zeller is a natural internal medicine physician specializing in functional and natural medicine. Dr. Zeller focuses on each individual’s unique physical, emotional, and spiritual expression. Dr. Zeller creates a treatment that supports each individual’s unique natural biochemistry and physical body, creating balance and activating the body’s self-healing capacities. Utilizing a comprehensive intake, examination, and laboratory testing, Dr. Zeller creates a treatment to restore natural function and remove interference to optimal function.
Chiropractic and Myofascial Release Chiropractic and Myofascial Release — Reduce pain, improve function, and increase physical performance in everything you do - from hiking and mountain biking, to daily responsibilities at home and work. Chiropractic care and myofascial release frees the body of any restrictions in order for the body to express its optimal health and function.
Pediatric Chiropractic Prenatal and Pediatric Chiropractic — to improve your body’s alignment, specifically balancing the pelvis and spine, so your baby can move into the best position for optimal growth and ease of delivery. After birth, pediatric chiropractic can minimize the impact that delivery can have on your baby’s nervous system and spine. At any age, chiropractic can optimize the expression of the body’s intelligence and self-healing capacities of your child.