Get Healthy Like a Celebrity: The Importance of Ongoing Nutrition and Health Coaching ~ Belita Marine, RN, BSN

Do you know how celebrities stay fit? They have a team of people who help them. With individualized nutrition and health coaching, now you can have someone on YOUR team!
Working with a coach on a regular basis has been shown to lead to successful lifestyle changes. Coaches provide accountability, consistency, and ongoing support so that you get long-term results.

Many of us know what a healthy diet looks like. Perhaps we’ve even been to a nutritionist before. Yet somehow that slice of pizza ends up in our mouth or we find ourselves in line at the grocery store with a cart full of ‘healthy’ junk food. This happens to the most nutritionally savvy, educated, and dedicated among us. How does this happen? The missing link is not the perfect plan, the latest diet book, or even more will power. The missing link is a dedicated coach that provides accountability, consistency, and ongoing support.

A nutrition coach will give you individualized nutrition information, guidance, and ongoing support. In addition, and most importantly, you have a person on your team to hold you accountable to report your diet and healthy lifestyle successes and challenges and keep you consistent along your journey. In addition to regular appointments every month or two over the course of the year, you have access to your holistic nutrition specialist by phone or email for questions or support anytime– giving you the best chance for success! Your nutrition coach is like your GPS, ensuring that you don’t get off course with expensive and frustrating mistakes. You just need to stay accountable and check in every once in a while to make sure you are still on track. Consistency is key. Accountability to another person is the best motivation to be consistent. Even when we are highly motivated, it is always easier to break a commitment to ourselves than to someone else. That is why it is easy to slack on our diets or healthy lifestyles when no one else is paying attention. It is when we have slacked for a while and find ourselves in unhealthy patterns when we would most like to ignore our health goals and put them off for just one more day. Your health coach is here to remind you of your goals and realistic steps to attain them so you never get too far off track.

You will be like the celebrities who have personal trainers and health coaches—they get results! It is all about consistency, accountability, and ongoing support. We want to see you meet your health goals this year. Let us help!