Functional medicine is beneficial for conditions and symptoms that have not responded to traditional medicine or for those that desire a more natural approach.

Alignment Wellness ~Destin, FL

Alignment Wellness uses a “functional medicine” approach to assess your individual health needs. Comprehensive laboratory testing is used to gather a complete picture of how your unique body systems are functioning in order to identify and assess imbalance that are contributing to symptoms and disease.
Natural medicine treatments work to create balance with all body systems to function together for optimal health. At Alignment Wellness, we treat a wide range of health imbalances and disorders including gastrointestinal disorders, autoimmunity, hormone imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, sleep disturbances, chronic fatigue, pain syndromes, inflammatory conditions, and musculoskeletal pain and misalignment.

Alignment Wellness provides holistic healthcare services for the entire family. Providing integrative services including functional medicine and natural internal medicine, chiropractic care, myofascial release, and cranial therapy.

Dr. Sandy Trail, D.C.

Dr. Sandy Trail, D.C.

Dr. Sandy Trail is a natural medicine doctor and functional medicine practitioner serving the greater area of Destin, FL as well as long distance locations with virtual online appointments. Through an in-depth approach to diagnosis using functional medicine, we are able to determine the root cause of illness and are better able to support the body chemistry of each individual to activate healing. Each person has their own genetic make up, biochemistry, and surrounding environment as well as many other factors that play a role in total health. Our goal is identify the factors influencing the health status of each individual through a comprehensive history, thorough examination, and laboratory testing in order to understand what is occurring in the body causing symptoms or abnormal chemistry. This understanding of the inner workings of the body is the information needed to determine the treatment which will best support the body processes in a natural and safe manner. Dr. Trail uses evidence-based, holistic treatment methods to activate the innate healing capacity within each of us, leading to optimal function and increasing the quality of life for all seeking care.

“As humans, we are comprised of a very complex system that works together harmoniously and determines how we function in our daily lives. If symptoms are occurring, it means that our bodies are communicating with us. Learning how our bodies speak to us and how to support our individual needs are the keys to developing an effective, natural treatment plan to achieve balance and total health. True healing occurs from the inside out.”

Dr. Sandy Trail