Weight Gain

Excess weight can be attributed to many different factors. It can be frustrating for some who despite eating well and exercising, continue to have difficulty losing weight. Inflammation, digestion impairment, food sensitivities, hormone imbalance, chronic stealth infections, and mitochondrial insufficiency can all contribute to losing weight. Chronic inflammation is a common cause of weight gain, and difficulty losing weight. Inflammation leads to hormone imbalance, including blood sugar regulation, and dis-regulation of normal metabolism in the body. In addition, many people who have difficulty losing weight can have difficulty metabolizing fats for energy. This can happen when fats cannot enter the mitochondria which produces ATP (the energy currency of the body) and instead fats are converted into free radicals producing oxidative stress (damages tissues and DNA) and further escalating the cycle of chronic inflammation. Imbalance in blood sugar regulation can have your body over producing fats and storing them while not using those fats for energy, while leaving you craving more sugars and carbs to feed your brain energy. Alignment Wellness will create a treatment plan to shift your chemistry towards decreased inflammation, and optimal cellular energy production, blood sugar balance and fat metabolism.

Lose Weight Naturally